Sunday, November 11, 2007

One thing I am not...

A Gardener.

I don't know what the hell I'm doing. We moved into this lovely home this summer, and it has a lovely perennial garden for a front yard... and some annuals.. and another lovely garden in the backyard.

It was fairly low-maintenance over the summer and fall... it needed more maintenance than I actually gave it, but it still looked ok, I guess.

Now it's time to actually do some work, I think, but I don't really know what to do. Prune? Cut Back? Is that the same thing? Mulch? Thin out? Leave the leaves, clear out the leaves?

The woman who lived here for 30+ years before me clearly knew what she was doing. And I am about to ruin all her years of hard work.

I feel like I should know this stuff.. My mother has a beautiful yard and has always gardened. I have early memories of both of my parents working very hard to keep rose bushes alive.
It didn't really sink in I guess.

That's not the worst of if though,

The truth is, I don't really like doing it. I really feel like I should. Like I'm supposed to enjoy my lovely garden, and all the backbreaking tedious weed-pulling, pruning, raking, mulching that goes with it. But I don't. There is my dark confession. It's not that fun. I'd rather be watching America's Next Top Model.... maybe that's my dark confession.


Maggie said...

mmmmmmm. America's Next Top Model.....

Maggie said...

You've been tagged.

(SORRY. Sorry sorry sorry! Sorry. SO sorry. Have I mentioned I'm sorry?)

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