Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Vegetarian Goes to Texas

I'm off to Houston today, to spend the rest of the week with the b/f's family. This is the first holiday in ages and ages (maybe ever?) that I haven't spent with my own family. This relationship thing is weird. Plus... I'm a vegetarian. Going to Texas. For Thanksgiving. The last time I went to one of his family things, it was in Iowa. There wasn't anything much that I could eat. Some potato salad and chips, maybe. Even the broccoli had bacon in it. Most members of the family hadn't met a vegetarian before, not to mention had one over for dinner. It was the conversation topic of the day.. over and over and over. Finally his Mother couldn't stand my near-starvation anymore and sent for the trail mix out of the car.
They are very nice people.

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Maggie said...

Thanksgiving was not the same without you, and I'm not just sayin'.

Welcome to the world of alternating families on holidays - Max & Jill said they just want to get on the same schedule as you, so that when they're in town you are too. FYI.

Love you so. Hope you ate.